The Yankee's Guide to Southern Cuisine

The Yankee's Guide to Southern Cuisine

In the South, there is a long list of food traditions that have stood the test of time and that no Southerner can imagine living without. For people who visit the region from the North, restaurant menus are often packed with unfamiliar fare. Don’t miss out on the delicious Southern cuisine when you get a chance to indulge just because you aren’t exactly sure what the offerings are. Here’s what you need to know about some popular Southern cuisine options.


There are multiple kinds of barbecue down South. Each is tied to a region, and if you don’t want to make the locals mad, don’t mix them up. Eastern North Carolina barbecue is served in the coastal plains of the state and has a vinegar and pepper sauce. Lexington barbecue comes from the Piedmont and Western parts of North Carolina has a red sauce made of ketchup, spices, and vinegar. South Carolina barbecue has mustard sauce. Alabama has a unique white sauce made of mayonnaise, lemon, horseradish, mustard, and spices. In Texas, barbecue is dry-rubbed with a smoky mop sauce.

Brunswick Stew

Like barbecue, Brunswick stew can vary from place to place. Most versions contain pork or chicken with varying levels of spice and varying degrees of thickness. Generally, the pork version of Brunswick stew is most popular, but you’ll find a spicier, chicken-based version in Georgia.

Calabash Seafood

Fried seafood is common throughout the South. Calabash seafood is lightly battered and features foods that are easily caught along the Southeast coast, including oysters, shrimp, and flounder. The real attraction of Calabash seafood for many is the hush puppies that accompany it. The North Carolina coastal town of Calabash is ground zero for this style of seafood, which can be found up and down the Lowcountry region.

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