A Guide to Barbecue in the Carolinas

Barbecue is the subject of much loyalty and much debate in the Carolinas. Regional differences in style abound, and natives of each area are fiercely dedicated to their own version of this classic Southern meal%20642-3511) . There is a reason why tourists travel across the Carolinas sampling regional barbecue—loyalties aside, they are all delicious! Here is what you need to know about barbecue styles in the Carolinas.

Eastern Style

Eastern-style barbecue%20642-3511) is found in the coastal plains of North Carolina. It has a vinegar and pepper sauce, and using tomato is sacrilege. It is typically served with mayo-based slaw and a variety of other sides, including hushpuppies. Eastern-style barbecue is served all the way inland to about the middle of North Carolina, including in some of the most popular barbecue places in the state capital of Raleigh.

Lexington Style

Lexington-style barbecue%20642-3511) is served in the Piedmont and Western parts of North Carolina. Unlike Eastern style, which is made with “the whole pig except for the squeaker,” as aficionados say, Lexington barbecue is made with the pork shoulder and has a red sauce made with ketchup, vinegar, pepper, and spices that vary from recipe to recipe. It is served with red slaw, in which the Lexington sauce is used instead of mayo. Hushpuppies are also frequently served with this kind of barbecue. Lexington-style barbecue can also be found in the center of the state, including the capital, but seldom further east.

South Carolina Style

In South Carolina, Eastern- and Lexington-style barbecue can be found all over the state, but there is also another popular style of sauce—mustard sauce. South Carolina mustard barbecue is made with the whole hog and served with mayo- or vinegar-based slaw and a variety of sides.

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